Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Some Randomness

Ok first here are some pictures from semi-recent doings
This is before sledding in the alps--also that's me since I know you can't tell

chillin in some Roman ruins in Trier

Cooking class with some friends

The guy in the white jacket was our teacher--he also does a cooking show here in Germany

Pink Floyd tribute concert in Prague

yummyness at the Mexican restaurant in Prague 

Pink truth about love concert which was amazing!
We still have to go through photos from prague, brussels, brugges, and ummmm I think thats it. I have finals next week and then I'll be more or less done with my second semester here and it's onto my Honeymoon! wooo!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Right sooo

Lets see since the wedding I have, had a second reception had school break and started another semester, met up with annette in rome, went to Prague, saw pink in concert, went to Belgium. Oh also planned our honeymoon

and at the moment that is all I have to say about it--it's a good life :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So I got married

I'm pretty sure that most people who read this blog have either seen pictures from the wedding on facebook or you know were there since basically only my family reads my blog but for those of you who have had neither of those options here are a few of my favorite pics.
Getting zipped into my dress
so you can see the full effect
the top was lace with a keyhole back

with the veil


coming down the aisle with my dad

my maid of honnor

Putting on my ring

first kiss

Jordan's Dad and Family

My Parents

Jordan's Mom and Family

My nephew and I

With Jordan's Siblings

All the bridesmaids

on the lifeguard stand

with my bridesmaids


the whole bridal party

being silly

I'm not cold

our favors

first dance

our scrumptious cake


bridal party

this was my something old it belonged to my grandmother--the reason my skin looks so weird is because I was rather ill, I couldn't eat anything all night and the reason why I have a coat on in a lot of the pictures

mother son dance

father daughter dance

gettin' down

then we went and took pictures with almost all the guests

my high school friends

one of my favorites

Jordan and his Sister

tossing the bouquet--alana did not want to catch it


garter toss

nicole was really excited to catch it

with the best man

dancing with my friends
about to fall asleep too